My name is Kate Lee. I am a mother who has had to drastically change the way my family eats in order to keep my children safe, happy and healthy. When my daughter was born 5 years ago it became rapidly obvious to us as new parents that she was ‘reacting’ to something. Our allergy journey has been long and painful. It transpired that she is anaphylactic to 5 foods, has a rare digestive allergic chronic condition called eosinophilic esophagitis, has coeliac disease, has severe atopic eczema triggered by food allergens, plus has many environmental allergies. I am finally able to look back on our journey and see how much we have learnt to ensure our daughter’s physical health and safety; it has motivated me to share our knowledge. If our doctors had been able to signpost us to this page the day they told us that our daughter needed to eat foods that were trace-free of dairy, soya, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, gluten and corn… then I would have logged on instantly. Instead, I have taken years adapting our family’s favourite recipes and trialling them so we can all eat together, so our food is safe for everyone, and so it is nutritionally appropriate for growing children. I am not a doctor, nor a dietician, but I am a mother who has had to become an expert in allergy cooking.


This page is intended for anyone that suffers from food allergies, has a family member who suffers from food allergies, or wants to be able to cook, cater and entertain for family and friends that suffer from food allergies. More and more people are being diagnosed with multiple and often severe allergies that require a great deal of care and skill in order to prepare safe food for their consumption. This page will not only contain many recipes that will make family favourite recipes possible to make on very restrictive diets, but will also increase understanding and awareness around important allergy-safe cooking practices, such as trace-free ingredients and cross-contamination. This page is also suitable for coeliacs, families affected by food chemical sensitivities (or are wanting to eat preservative free), or anyone prescribed an ‘elimination diet’ by their doctor or hospital.



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  1. Thank you. My son has severe reactions to dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and wheat (not yet sure if it is gluten or just wheat) Because I am breastfeeding & the severity, hubby and I have both gone cold turkey!

    • Hi penny,
      Yes we are all cold turkey in our house due to anaphylaxis to 5 foods. The kids have never been more well & happy. Big lifestyle change but it’s been worth it. Hubby even lost weight 😃

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